Tips | This tweak supercharges your Instagram app with new features


Instagram lovers, if you’ve also got a jailbreak at your fingertips, then you won’t want to miss out on a chance to download a new free jailbreak tweak called Rocket for Instagram from Cydia’s BigBoss repository.

Rocket for Instagram provides Instagram users with a slew of new features that Instagram themselves have failed to provide for years. In this piece, we’ll briefly go over some of the new features with you.

Rocket for Instagram – an Instagram user’s dream tweak

Rocket for Instagram could be categorized as an Instagram user’s dream tweak, because it’s going to let you do things that the photo and video sharing social network probably doesn’t want you to do, but nevertheless they’re things you, the user, have wanted for a long time.


Among the new features Rocket for Instagram brings to the table are:

  • Save any photo or video shared on Instagram to your Camera Roll
  • Tap and hold on any photo or video on to view a higher resolution of it
  • Double-tap on a user’s profile picture (private or not) to see it in full-screen
  • Mute and un-mute users from showing up in your Instagram feed
  • Hide sponsored posts from appearing in your Instagram feed
  • Show on a user’s profile whether or not they’re following you
  • Share images from Instagram with an iOS share sheet anywhere you’d like
  • Read direct messages sent to you without letting the sender know you read it
  • Toggle between grid and list view with the tap of a button
  • Confirm liking a photo before the like goes through (prevents accidental likes)
  • See full time stamps of posts by tapping on the time estimates
  • Spoof Instagram statistics (for yourself only, no one else can see your spoofs)
  • Easily re-post content from your Instagram feed
  • Zoom in and out of photos in your Instagram feed

In addition, another feature noted to be in the tweak is a new way to promote your own content so you can get more likes. Dubbed ‘Rocket,’ the feature adds a new red button to the bottom of your Instagram app where you can enter the hub for liking other people’s promoted content, and earn points towards promoting your own content.

Configuring Rocket for Instagram

The tweak doesn’t add a traditional preferences pane to the Settings app like most tweaks do; instead, it adds its settings directly to the Instagram app itself. Simply go to your Instagram profile and tap on the Settings cog to launch the Instagram settings, and then tap on the Configuration preferences pane in the Settings list to access all of your options for Rocket for Instagram:




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