News | How To Find Videos On YouTube By Location

You’d be amazed at the things you can find on YouTube these days or, maybe, you wouldn’t. If you have an interest in even the most niche of subjects though, YouTube is a safe bet as a destination that will likely be able to facilitate your needs. And that’s great, especially with the site’s impressive search function that lets you look for just about anything, based on a good few filters as well.

But there is one thing the YouTube search feature is lacking, and that’s a way to find videos based on location. So someone built a service that does exactly that. And it’s called Geo Search Tool.


As that name will no doubt have tipped you off, giving the site an address, town, city or even an intersection name will allow it to go off and find videos that were recorded in that particular location. The search allows users to choose what kind of radius they are willing to search within, and they can even add keywords and choose which channels they want to search if they really want to get granular.

Perhaps most useful is the ability to limit the timeframe that videos were recorded in as well. It’s all well and good seeing videos that were recorded in the exact location you want, but those videos are decidedly less interesting if they were recorded five years ago. Thankfully, Geo Search Tool has you covered. If you have a spare ten minutes it’s great fun to check out what videos were recorded around your own home within the last year, or this very instant, for example.


Source | redmondpie


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