News | Apple releases iOS 9.1, gives its customers the middle finger (…and 150 other emoji)

It’s been just over a month since Apple released iOS 9, the latest and greatest version of its mobile OS. So far, it’s also been Apple’s most successful rollout ever, reaching a remarkable 50% of all eligible devices in the first three days of its release.


The company has now pushed out its latest update, iOS 9.1, following various beta releases in recent weeks. The public release of 9.1 follows on from the 9.0.1 release last month, which brought a range of bug fixes for the new OS.

As BGR reports, there are various bug fixes and security updates in iOS 9.1 too, as well as a minor refinement to the new Live Photos feature.

But along with these nice-but-dull improvements, it also comes with a juicy update for emoji fans. Apple says that there are over 150 new emoji in the update pack, including the long-awaited ‘middle finger’, several months after it first arrived on Microsoft’s Windows 10.

The update is rolling out now over-the-air, and is available for all devices that were eligible to install iOS 9.

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