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As I noted in my Magic Keyboard review, it makes a wonderful iPad companion. The Magic Keyboard is extremely lightweight and portable, which makes it super easy to slip into a bag, or even a coat or jacket pocket.

The Magic Keyboard’s low profile, and streamlined design not only make it practical for traveling, but ensures that it looks right paired with the iPad as well. In fact, I’ve been using my Magic Keyboard and iPad Air 2 together for the last few days, and I absolutely love the combination. I’ve even gone as far as to pair my Magic Keyboard with my iPhone 6s, and that was a good experience as well.

If you’re an iPad owner, you should definitely consider pairing it together with your Magic Keyboard. With iOS 9’s new keyboard shortcut abilities, and the svelte Magic Keyboard 2, you’re looking at a capable working machine when using both in tandem.

How to pair the Magic Keyboard with an iPad or iPhone

Step 1: Turn off the Magic Keyboard


Step 2: Ensure Bluetooth is enabled via Settings → Bluetooth on the iPad.


Step 3: Turn on the Magic Keyboard.


Step 4: Tap Magic Keyboard under the Devices or Other Devices heading in Settings → Bluetooth.


After following these steps, you should see the Magic Keyboard under My Devices with a Connected status.


After you’re finished using the Magic Keyboard with your iPad, simply connect it via the Lightning to USB cable to quickly re-pair it with your Mac.

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As I alluded to earlier, the same principal applies to the iPhone. I find that I like to keep my Magic Keyboard in my car’s glove compartment. When I need to quickly type something lengthy, I simply pull out my keyboard, pair it with my iPhone, and get to typing. This is way better than lugging around my MacBook all day.

Needless to say, I love the combination. The redesigned Magic Keyboard is great with the Mac and OS X, but don’t forget, it makes a wonderful iOS companion as well.

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