News | Unlike Dell and HP, Lenovo isn’t lured by Microsoft Surface’s woos


When Microsoft first unveiled its entry into the PC hardware business, some of its OEM partners were less than delighted by the apparent backstab. Many in the tech media were concerned as to how Microsoft would maintain its relationship with its hardware partners while at the same time competing with them.

Though many have now let their rage subside and succumbed to the popularity of the Surface line, Lenovo remains steadfastly convinced that, at least in the hardware realm, Microsoft is a rival.

In a move that surprised some, but signaled the OEM’s capacity to forgive and forget, Dell and HP recently started reselling Surface hardware, along with providing support for the device. But when asked about the same, Lenovo’s president and COO, Gianfranco Lanci, said, “I said no to resell their product.”

He further emphasised that “…[Microsoft] asked me more than one year ago, and I said no. I don’t see any reason why I should sell a product from within brackets, competition.” While reiterating that Microsoft was a partner on some fronts, the company was also becoming a competitor in other markets.

Perhaps one of the more significant reasons behind this refusal is the fact that companies like Dell and HP have fully-fleshed enterprise divisions and, as such, though they may sell the device, the companies would still make money from support and other related services. Lenovo, however, remains entrenched in the consumer market and so reselling a product that will compete with the likes of its Miix 700 doesn’t make much monetary sense.

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