Jailbreak | Fix WinterBoard Not Working On iOS 9 iPhone And iPad, Here’s How

There may be a great deal of excitement within the jailbreak community at the moment thanks to the surprising launch of an untethered jailbreak solution for iOS 9 courtesy of Pangu Team, but, as so often is the case, not everything is plain sailing. Pangu Team may have a functioning jailbreak tool available for Windows users that can liberate all devices capable of running iOS 9, but there’s still going to be a period of time that needs to pass until developers can update their extensions and packages to work flawlessly with Apple’s latest mobile OS.

Those who have already chosen to jailbreak using the new Pangu tool are already starting to report compatibility issues with a number of popular “must have” jailbreak tweaks. When launching Cydia, one of the first go-to tweaks for a whole heap of jailbreak fans is the long-running WinterBoardpackage that allows themes and UI customizations to be applied throughout the system. Unfortunately, WinterBoard is one of those aforementioned packages that is yet to be updated by Saurik to work with iOS 9, rendering it effectively broken.


Thankfully, the people of the jailbreak community are a resourceful bunch, and it appears that there is a way to fix the issue. If you simply can’t wait for the official compatibility upgrade, then follow the simple steps below to rectify the issue right now.

How to fix WinterBoard compatibility issues on iOS 9:

Step 1: Launch the Cydia app from your Home screen and install the popular iFile management package.

Step 2: If you already have a broken version of WinterBoard installed on your jailbroken device, then uninstall it using Cydia. Download the WinterBoard .deb file in Safari on your device from here and save it to your jailbroken device using iFile option in Safari.

Step 3: Now use the previously installed iFile package to locate the saved WinterBoard .deb file and install it to the phone using iFile’s built-in installer mechanism.

Step 4: Using iFile, navigate to the /applications directory and locate the WinterBoard app (winterboard.app). Tap the exclamation mark next to the app and rename it to winterboard1.app.

Step 5: Get back into Cydia and install the iCleaner tweak. As part of that installation, Cydia will also update WinterBoard. Respring the iOS device.

Step 6: Head back into iFile in /applications directory and rename the winterboard1.app back towinterboard.app.

Step 7: Launch the iCleaner app and hit the Clean option.

And there you have it. Following those steps through will provide you with a functioning WinterBoard on iOS 9. Not exactly as seamless as just installing and using off the bat, but definitely a relatively simple fix for those that are desperate to theme iOS 9 with the best that Cydia has to offer.


Hopefully Saurik will release an official update for WinterBoard on iOS 9 soon.

Source | www.redmondpie.com


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