Gadget | GameBeat Smartphone Gaming Controller


GameBeat consists of the GameBeat controller and the GameBeat case. The GameBeat controller connects to the smartphone via Bluetooth so no cables are required. There is the micro USB port but it is used only for charging the device. The buttons are made from soft plastic so they won’t scratch your phone + they are extremely grippy. The dimensions of the controller are 100 x 50 x 5 mm (3,9 x 2 x 0.2”). The GameBeat case has a specially designed friction hinge, which is sewed into the case when it’s manufactured. It locks in place at any angle the user wants up to the 360 degrees (so it won’t bother you when you aren’t gaming). It is strong enough to hold your phone at any angle you want (like Lenovo yoga ultrabooks), but also soft enough to easily open and close it. Both the phone and the GameBeat controller can easily detach from the case. Play your next game on the GameBeat!

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