News | Facebook improving mobile profiles with profile video, controls and design customizations


Facebook has just announced its plans to evolve user profiles on mobile with new features and controls in the near future.

In recent months, Facebook has been busy updating the News Feed and the Timeline with new features on the web, allowing users to get more relevant content when they access the social network. However, the user profiles have stayed more or less the same for quite some time.

Now, the social network has announced new features that will soon be rolled out to mobile users for testing. Perhaps the biggest feature on the way to user profiles is support for profile videos. Users will be able to set short video clips from their smartphones in place of profile pictures, which will be visible to all visitors. Facebook also announced the ability to post temporary profile pictures that would revert to the previous one after a specified time period.

Another important change will be the ability to control profile visibility at a much deeper level, and to allow users to customize the top of the profile with information they wish to reveal to new visitors Finally, the profile page seen in Facebook’s mobile apps will be overhauled with a new layout putting the profile picture or video of the user front and center. The image will be bigger than that shown currently. In addition to this, the profile page would display relevant information about newly added friends to get to know them better.

Facebook is said to be testing these features with iOS users in California and the UK but will be expanding to more users in the near future. These changes should be expected to land on Android as well but it hasn’t been specified by the company for now.

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