News | Movie Makers File Lawsuit Against Popcorn Time Users In The U.S.

Users of popular movie streaming app Popcorn Time might want to reconsider after the decidedly illegal software became the latest to find itself squarely in the sights of movie makers in the United States. In documents now available to anyone with a web browser, it is clear that the makers of comedy The Cobbler are going after users of Popcorn Time in the U.S. state of Oregon.
The plaintiff in the documents, listed only as Cobbler Nevada, LLC is demanding that Comcast Cable disclose which users downloaded The Cobbler via the Popcorn Time app, listing 11 IP addresses that it believes were guilty of copyright violation.

Right now, all Cobbler Nevada, LLC has is those IP addresses and the times that they were downloading the comedy movie, but if Comcast hands over the names and addresses of the users who were attached to those IPs at the time, then those customers will soon find themselves in hot water.

The Popcorn Time software is popular because it is regarded as one of the easier ways to download or stream movies, often referred to as the Netflix of torrents. The makers of the software make no bones about the fact that it is far from legal, clearly saying as much on its website. This, of course, is a piece of evidence that it seems the plaintiff aims to use to create an irrefutable argument against the currently-anonymous defendants.

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